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Best Laser Engraver for Tumblers 2022

by Shopify API Posted in May 11, 2023

Engraving on flat objects, such as a piece of wood, is quite easy. You can pick a suitable laser machine and start engraving. But when you need to engrave cylindrical objects, including tumblers and cups, you cannot do it directly. You need the right machine, the right accessories, the right attachments, and the right knowledge to do everything with perfection.

Whether you want to engrave tumblers for your laser business, DIY craft, or any other purpose, you need to pick the right machine and accessories to get the best results. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about tumbler and cup engraving and share the best machines and accessories you can go for. We will make choosing the best laser engraver for tumbler cups easier and quicker.

In This Article

  • Can You Laser Engrave on Tumblers and Other Cylindrical Objects?
  • Best Laser Engravers for Tumblers and Cups: 2 Picks
  • How to Engrave Tumblers and Cups?
  • Conclusion

Can You Laser Engrave on Tumblers and Other Cylindrical Objects?

Yes, you can laser engrave on tumblers and other cylindrical objects. It is possible, but you need to know a few things before you start. Let's understand everything one by one in detail.

laser engrave on cylindrical objects

Rotary Attachment

For engraving flat objects, all you need to do is place the object under the laser module and start engraving. The object remains still during the engraving process. But this is not the case with cylindrical objects.

Cylindrical objects cannot remain still during engraving. It is necessary to rotate them 360° to cover the whole surface and engrave with perfection. For the rotation, you need a rotary attachment that can rotate the cylindrical object 360° to engrave it from all directions. Without a rotary attachment, engraving on cylindrical objects is not possible.

laser engraving on tumbler

The shape of tumblers is also cylindrical, and most of the time, we see irregular cylindrical shapes in tumblers commonly available on the market. Thus, you need a compatible rotary attachment that can cater to the common shapes and sizes of tumblers available on the market.

The rotary attachment holds the tumbler from one side and rotates it in the required direction. It works along with the laser engraving machine and coordinates with it. Usually, chuck rotary attachments are used for engraving tumblers. These can easily grip the tumbler of different sizes and shapes.

4-in-1 Rotary Attachment for Laser Engravers

xTool RA2 Pro


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Coating Material of the Tumbler

Another problem with tumblers is the coating/outer layer and the material. Usually, the material of the tumblers is metal (stainless steel), and sometimes, there is a hard coating over it. Thus, you need a well-suited machine that is powerful enough to engrave on the coating of the metal and give perfect results.

If there is powder coating or any other coating on the tumbler, it is easier to engrave it. The coating can be engraved easily without applying any chemicals to the surface. You can place the tumbler directly on the rotary attachment and start engraving it.

The commonly used material for the making of tumblers is stainless steel. If there is no coating, you will have to engrave on the stainless steel. The problem is that you cannot engrave on stainless steel directly as we did with the coated tumbler. It reflects the laser beams and prevents them from engraving. You won't get the optimal results. Therefore, a coating is applied to the tumbler, and then it is engraved. 

You can apply tempera paint, laser marking spray, or cold galvanizing spray on the tumbler. Once it is applied, let it dry. Now, place it on the rotary attachment and start engraving. After engraving, you need to wipe off the coating you applied. Spray water and use a clean cloth to remove the coating.


Another important thing is the graphics. While engraving on stainless steel or powder-coated tumbler, you need to take care of the background contrast. Many users complain about the loss of details after engraving. It happens when the contrast between the background and foreground is not perfect. For instance, if the engraving is black, the background should be white to give the black part more visibility and appearance. It is better to avoid a transparent background in this case.

Best Laser Engravers for Tumblers and Cups

xTool's Open-structure Machine D1 Pro and Its Best Match RA2 Pro

xTool D1 Pro is an ideal laser engraving machine for tumbler cups. It has every feature, functionality, and facility that a user needs for engraving tumblers.

First of all, xTool D1 Pro has multiple diode laser modules. For engraving tumblers, the 5W is the best, and then comes the 10W module. The laser spot of the 5W module measures only 0.08 x 0.06 mm, which gives ultimate attention to the fine details. The 10W laser module comes next, and it also has an extra fine laser spot of 0.08 x 0.08 mm. The 20W module can also do the job at a faster speed, but it is more suitable for cutting.

xTool D1 Pro (5W) + RA2 Pro + Risers

xTool D1 pro with rotary attachment for engraving tumblers


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Both these can engrave on stainless steel and coated metals with perfection. The power of the laser is more than enough. If you are engraving tumblers from home for your small laser business, this machine's speed is incredible, which can offer excellent productivity.

The second advantage of using D1 Pro is the most advanced and the world's first 4-in-1 rotary attachment, RA2 Pro. This rotary can work as a chuck rotary, roller rotary, sphere rotary, and ring rotary. You can easily mount your tumblers on the chuck rotary and engrave them without any hassle. 

world's first 4-in-1 rotary attachement for engraving tumblers

It can accommodate almost any shape and size of tumblers commonly available on the market. Moreover, it has soft-pad jaws for excellent grip and multiple shapes of jaws for different shapes of tumblers. Due to the compatibility with the software and machine, the attachments work exceptionally well and offer optimal results. You can also use the same rotary attachment on almost 90% of cylindrical and spherical objects.

The height of the D1 Pro can be increased using risers to place the rotary attachment and the tumbler properly. The focus adjustment is also easy and quick. Most importantly, the engraving accuracy and repositioning accuracy are more than perfect. Simply put, D1 Pro has got everything you need for engraving tumblers.

xTool Laserbox Rotary

Laserbox rotary is an enclosed CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine. It can also engrave on tumblers, including coated ones and stainless steel. The laser power is 40W, which is more than enough for engraving purposes.

xTool laserbox rotary for engraving tumblers

Laserbox Rotary has a roller rotary that can be used for engraving tumblers. It offers a wide range of diameters to accommodate more objects and large sizes. But as this is a roller rotary, there can be limitations and various issues while engraving irregular shapes and sizes of tumblers. However, it works perfectly well with the common engravers we use.

Due to the built-in camera, the positioning of the graphics over the tumblers becomes easier and more accurate. You can place the tumbler and check its position and the preview on the software. You can easily engrave on the tumblers at the desired part/place.

An exceptional feature of the Laserbox rotary is Image Extraction. You can extract the image from a paper or object and then engrave it on your tumbler. It enhances your creativity and allows you to bring more variations to the designs.

Apart from these, Laserbox Rotary is full of incredible features. It can engrave on a wide range of objects, much more than a diode laser. You can check the progress easily due to the safe lid of the machine. It supports multiplayer operation online, so it can be connected to multiple computers like a printer.

How to Engrave Tumblers and Cups Using xTool D1 Pro and RA2 Pro?

xTool D1 Pro and RA2 Pro are beginner-friendly. Anyone can use them for engraving on tumblers. You only need to follow a few simple steps to get the job done.

Set up your xTool D1 Pro and attach risers to increase the height. Place the rotary attachment and connect it to the machine. Once everything is ready, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Clean the surface of the tumbler and wipe off all the dust and other particles, if any. If you are engraving on a stainless steel tumbler cup and there is no coating, apply laser marking spray on the tumbler and let it dry. Make sure to apply a thin and even coat on the surface.

Step 2: Measure the tumbler from all sides and corners. It will help you adjust the graphics according to the size. Open the software and import the file. Adjust the graphics according to the tumbler. You can easily adjust the size, rotation, and placement in XCS. Moreover, you can also make minor edits using the editing tools. Adjust the power and speed; XCS also has preset settings to make things easier for you.

Step 3: Place the tumbler on the rotary attachment and adjust the placement of the laser module and its focus. Pull down the focus lever, adjust the height of the laser module, fix the module, and finally move the focus lever back to its place.

Step 4: Click on the Start button. You can check the positioning of the graphics through framing. Finally, click on the Start button. Now, wait and let the engraving complete. If you have applied laser marking spray on the stainless steel, use a cloth and water spray to clean it.


With the right tool and accessories, engraving on tumblers becomes quite easier, and the results are more than perfect. We explained how you can engrave on tumblers and what you need to know. xTool D1 Pro with RA2 Pro is the ideal machine for tumbler engraving, while Laserbox Rotary is the second choice. We have also shared the simple steps that can help you engrave tumblers like a pro. Get the best laser engraver for tumblers and enjoy engraving. 

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