How to Make Laser Cut Wood or Acrylic Earrings

by Shopify API Posted in May 12, 2023

If you own a laser engraving and cutting machine, you can design and make personalized jewelry items for yourself and your customers. From designing jewelry pieces from scratch to engraving pre-made items, you can make tons of things and grab a wide audience.

People love to wear something unique, new, and exceptional. With your creativity and laser machine, you can make earrings, pendants, and other items using wood, acrylic, felt, and a few other materials.

In this article, we will share the step-by-step method to laser cut wood and acrylic earrings. These are excellent for beginners who want to try something different and sell quick-selling and easy products.

laser cut acrylic earrings

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Things You Will Need

1. Wood/Acrylic

For acrylic, you can go with 2-3mm. You can make single and multilayered earrings. But keep in mind that you cannot cut blue and transparent acrylic using a diode laser engraver; however, a CO2 laser machine will work fine. 

2. Earring Hooks/Stud Base

After making earrings, you will need earrings hooks. These hooks are easily available on the market. You just need to insert them in the earring holes. Moreover, you can also use blank stud bases for earrings that do not have holes for hooks.

3. Paint

If you are using MDF or any other plywood, you will have to paint the earrings to make them more appealing. You can use acrylic paints, spray paint, or any other suitable color according to the plywood you are using.

Acrylics do not need paint. Their natural color and shine are more than enough.

4. Glue

You might need to paste the earring blank stud bases. Secondly, if your earrings are multilayered, you need glue to stick all the layers together.

6 Steps to Make Laser Cut Wood or Acrylic Earrings

You can use xTool D1, M1, or Laserbox to make earrings. We are going to show you the exact steps to make earrings using xTool D1 Pro 20W.

Step 1: Get the Laser Cut Wooden/Acrylic Earrings Design File 

Before you begin, it is a must to get the design file for earrings. You can find free laser cut files on some sites. You can also purchase them from online stores. XCS also offers some free projects and designs. You can choose your design from the project ideas as well.

Step 2: Material Settings for Laser Cut Wood Earrings

Import the design to the software. Position the design and adjust its size if needed. The most important thing about cutting is the optimal speed and power. I have set the power at 100 and speed at 8mm/sec (20W module) for a 2.2mm MDF sheet. You can do a speed-power test to get the optimal settings.

material settings for laser-cut wooden earrings

Step 3: Place the Wood under the Machine

Place the MDF sheet under the machine. Make sure the MDF is not bent because it will divert the laser focus. Thus, you need to ensure it is completely flat on the honeycomb panel or whatever you are using as the base. You can use magnetic clips or paper tape.

Step 4: Framing the Design 

Click on the Process button. Now, click on Framing. Press the button on the laser machine to frame the design. Adjust the position of the laser module as needed. Click on Framing Completed.

Step 5: Start Laser Cutting

Click on the start button. Let the machine cut earrings. Mine took only 1 min 48 seconds to cut both earrings in one pass. Now, carefully take out the plywood and earrings.

Step 6: Attach the Earring Hooks  

You can make the earrings more appealing by using paints. Apply different colors and attach the earring hooks. 

Tada! The earrings are ready.

laser cut wooden earrings

xTool D1 Pro Laser Engraver

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10 Popular Laser Cut Wood and Acrylic Earrings Designs

Here are some popular designs of earrings you can try using wood and acrylic. Some of the designs are available on XCS; go to the project center and find these popular projects.

Pumpkin Earrings

Pumpkin earrings are ideal for Halloween. You can make them using wood as well as acrylic. These are quite simple, but they look great. You can also color them according to your dress or event. During Halloween, these are hot-selling jewelry items. You can make these kinds of earrings using D1, D1 Pro, and M1.

laser cut acrylic pumpkin earrings

Lasr Cut Acrylic Flower Earrings

Flower earrings look appealing and exceptional. These are suitable for daily use or party wear. You can cut almost any kind of flower on wood or acrylic. There are tons of designs available for sunflowers, roses, Lilly, lotus, etc.

laser cut acrylic flower earrings

Wing Earrings

These earrings are stylish yet elegant. People can wear them with party-wear dresses. Their simple and unique design attracts people.

laser cut acrylic wing earrings

Rectangular Earrings

These are a combination of circles, rectangles, squares, hexagons, diamonds, and some other shapes. It is a different and unique design. It looks exceptional on wood, and you can give it a touch of different colors.

laser cut wooden rectangular earrings

Chinese Characters Earrings

For cultural shows, casual use, or even party wear, these can work. Chinese characters look cool, and you have a variety of characters to choose from. Choose the one you like and cut it from an acrylic sheet. These are quite different and new.

laser cut acrylic Chinese earrings

Love Lightning Earrings

These are funky earrings that catch the attention of people. Their color can be shocking pink with black or red. For party-dress, these are ideal. If you own xTool M1, you can cut self-adhesive vinyl instead of painting the earrings. The vinyl stickers are more attractive because of their shiny appearance and vibrant colors.

laser cut acrylic love lightning earrings

Mandala Earrings

The Mandala is what everyone loves. You can replicate almost any design in earrings, and these will sell like hotcakes. There are dozens of designs, and you can make them on wood as well as acrylic. However, wooden mandala earrings look exceptional if you choose the right color.

laser cut wood mandala earrings

Cat/Kitty Earrings

For cat lovers, there can be special kitty earrings. These are good for casual wear, and you can make them using wood and acrylic.

Snowman Earrings

For Christmas and new year's eve, snowman earrings are excellent. You can cut the snowman shape from plywood and engrave the snowman. It looks cool and appealing. Because of the engraving, it is better to use wood instead of acrylic.


Making earrings with a laser machine is full of fun and excitement. You can make earrings for yourself and also sell them in online stores. These are quite unique, appealing, and eye-catching. There are tons of designs available, and you only need plywood or acrylic to give it a go. Follow the simple steps and make earrings of your choice within a few minutes.

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