[Makers’ Stories] How Do I Start My New Business with xTool Laserbox Pro?

My story with the Laserbox Pro

2020 was a bear of a year. I know I am not alone in saying that. I began the year with a well-paying full-time job in a library maker space, working with an industry-grade laser engraver and cutter and teaching classes on the various equipment a, design, and use.

Then covid-19 hit. I, like so many others, was furloughed and then eventually let go. As the end of the year approached, I was looking for ways to keep my creative skills sharp and to find ways to help support my family. We did not have the budget for an industry-grade machine, and I was looking for something to get my 6-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter creating.

After doing a lot of research on entry-level lasers that offered more than basic engraving and cutting, I chose the Laserbox Pro.

Why Laserbox Pro?

Value for investment cost:

When looking for a desktop laser engraver and cutter, the Laserbox Pro was not the cheapest. You can get pretty cheap diode lasers or inexpensive no-brand lasers. From what I have read, you get what you pay for. Facebook pages and blogs are full of laments of people over their heads needing to replace parts, do extensive rewiring, and set up their own laser cooling systems.

I was willing to pay a bit more for something that worked right away, had a high enough power to cut 6mm+ wood, and had a quick engraving time and a warranty to ease my mind. Laser box fits all of these and more. Starting a small business, you want to be smart with your beginning costs. Having a reliable laser allows you to focus on what you do best, make awesome products to sell, not rewiring and replacing parts!

Learning Curve/ Accessibility/ Ease of use:

Having taught others how to use industrial-grade lasers, I can tell you there can be a lot standing between you and a finished product. There is no need to manually focus, do the math to determine home position, and mess with different frequencies for different materials.

xTool sells materials with codes that the built-in camera reads and automatically adjusts the focus and imports suggested settings. Saving you precious set up a time for each product helping to give you a competitive edge. The built-in camera also helps cut down on waste as you can use scrap later in future projects cutting down on your material cost boosting profits.

The Laserbox's smaller learning curve, ease of use, and intuitive features save you time and money, which are your most precious resources when starting a new business.

Community and Support:

The Laserbox is still a relative newcomer. You won’t find hundreds of niche groups dedicated to a single aspect of engraving or cutting. What you will find is an encouraging, helpful, and growing community that are your invaluable resource as you launch your business.

Whether it is looking for settings for new material, feedback on a product idea, or needing a quick reply when you get stuck in your design process, the Laserbox community is there for you. The other great support as you launch or expand your business is the xTool tech support.

I have only had positive experiences with their team, setting up video chats to make sure I was taken care of and even following up weeks after my initial issue to see how the laser and I were working together.

I must say, I have never had tech support send me an email to check-in without having filed a claim ticket. It is a wonderful feeling to know you have the Laserbox and xtool communities supporting you as you start your venture!


John Burns

Proud Laserbox Pro Owner

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