How to Engrave a Ring with RA2 Pro?

Engraved rings have a special personalized touch that almost everyone loves. Engraving gives a special meaning, distinct look, and certain memories to the rings. Therefore, people prefer to wear engraved rings and present them to their loved ones.

Nowadays, engraved rings are quite popular and preferred over common rings. People love to have their names, special dates, tag lines, titles, and other texts engraved on the ring. With that being said, the ring engraving business is also booming every day.

engrave rings with ra2 pro

Whether you want to engrave rings for yourself/loved ones or your clients for business purposes, you need to learn how to do it correctly. Engraving a ring is not as easy as engraving flat objects because of its shape. It requires special attachments, extra precision, and some expertise to get the job done with perfection.

In this article, we will explain everything about engraving a ring. We will share the step-by-step procedure so that you can engrave rings at your home. We will help you engrave rings with perfection and start your own ring engraving business.

Do You Really Need a Rotary Attachment for Ring Engraving?

Yes, a rotary attachment is necessary to engrave on a ring. The rotary rotates the ring 360 degrees during engraving, so it makes sure the graphic is engraved evenly on every side and corner.

Keep in mind that common rotary attachments are not suitable for rings because they cannot hold the ring in place and keep it stable. There is a special ring rotary that has special studs to hold the ring.

xTool Rotary Attachment 2 (RA2) Pro is a 4-in-1 rotary attachment that works as a ring rotary, sphere rotary, roller rotary, and chuck rotary. It is an all-in-one attachment that can be transformed into anyone required.

It can work in 90% of the cylindrical and spherical engraving scenarios and has eliminated the headache of engravers. Its special ring rotary is just perfect. It can engrave rings having a diameter in the range of 11mm-70mm.

How to Set Up Rotary Attachment 2 Pro for Ring Engraving?

RA2 Pro comes pre-assembled, but it is a roller rotary. So, if you want to change it into a ring rotary, you need to assemble it accordingly. All parts of the ring rotary are available in the box, so you only need to fix them in the right place. Plus, you will also find the tools required for the assembly.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to assemble the ring rotary.

Step 1: The roller rotary of RA2 Pro is pre-assembled. So, we have to take out the extra parts first before fixing the parts of the ring rotary. First, you need to disassemble the two slave-drive shafts of the rotary.

convert roller to chuck rotary

Turn the rotary upside down and loosen the screws of the shaft. There will be two screws at the bottom plate. Loosen both of them and take out the adjustable slave-drive shaft.

Step 2: Now, you need to remove the second slave-drive shaft. It also has two screws on the coupling. Remove the first screw and then turn the shaft a bit to remove the second one. Once the screws are out, take out the shaft.

take off screws

Step 3: At this stage, we have taken out the extra parts from the rotary. Now, we need to fix the parts required for the ring rotary. First, rotate the shaft coupling until its flat face faces downward. Then, attach the belt pulley to the motor shaft. Turn the attachment upside down and tighten two screws. You might need to turn the shaft to install the second screw.

setting up ra2 pro step3

Step 4: For making a ring rotary, we need to make the chuck rotary first. Once the chuck rotary is ready, we need to attach the ring studs. So, we will assemble the chuck rotary. Put the belt on the pulley and place the chuck on the attachment. Attach the belt to the chuck. Finally, you need to insert two M4*20 screws to fix the chuck.

Step 5: Once the chuck is installed, you need to put the stud components. These components hold the ring in its place. You can tighten the studs with your finger; there is no need for a tool.

Now, the ring rotary is ready. You can start engraving rings.

How to Engrave a Ring?

xTool D1 is a high-precision diode laser engraving and cutting machine. It is perfect for beginners, small businesses, DIY lovers, professionals, and artists. If you want to start an engraving business, it could be the right choice. You only need to follow a few simple steps to get the ring engraved.

Note: We are using Laserbox Basic, which is the specialized software for xTool D1. You can also use LightBurn for ring engraving.

Step 1: Get your xTool D1 ready. Turn it on and connect it to your computer. Open Laserbox Basic and make sure the machine is connected with the software.

Step 2: For rotary attachment, you need to increase the height of D1. You can use risers to increase the height as much as needed.

Step 3: Place the ring rotary in the engraving area. Measure the width and circumference of the ring. Some materials can be directly engraved, but some require tempera paint, transfer tape, or cold galvanizing compound.

You can apply that if needed before placing the ring. After that, place the ring on the ring studs and tighten the chuck using the key. The ring should be in its proper place to remain stable during engraving.

Step 4: Upload the graphic on the software. You need to adjust its size and rotation according to the ring. Adjust the position of the laser module and its focus. Set the power and speed of the laser on the software. You can use this material setting table to use the ideal settings.

Step 5: Click on the Start button. Before starting engraving, turn on Cylinder Working and use the framing feature to ensure the ring and laser module are in the right positions. When you are ready, click on the Start button. It will start the engraving. Now, you only need to wait for it to finish.

Final Words

If you are using xTool D1 and RA2 Pro, engraving rings is pretty easy. RA2 Pro is a 4-in-1 rotary attachment, so it can work on almost any type of commonly used object. You only need to assemble the ring rotary and connect it to xTool D1.

After that, you need to follow a few simple steps to get the graphic engraved on the ring. We have explained everything in detail, and we hope that you can now engrave rings easily. For engraving more objects and different types of materials, check out our How-to Tutorials.