Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas for 2022

Father's Day is near, and everyone would love to greet his/her father on this special day along with some gifts and presents. You might have been greeting your father for years, but every time, you need to brainstorm some unique gift ideas to surprise him.

Undoubtedly, there are ready-made gifts available on the markets, but DIY gifts are excellent for expressing your love on Father's Day. When you make a gift by yourself, you put effort and time, and there are emotions attached to it. Your father will be very happy to know that you have made a customized and special gift for him.

DIY gifts are unique because you can easily give them a special and unique touch. You can make it according to your liking. You can also personalize the gift for your father through engraving.  

In this article, we have brought you some simple and unique Father's Day gift ideas that you can make yourself with laser engraving and cutting machines. These ideas are suitable for beginners, and they can implement them and make eye-catching gifts using xTool D1.

1) Acrylic Bow Tie

The first idea on our list is an acrylic bow tie. It is a unique idea, and your father would love it. Making an acrylic bow tie is extremely simple. You only need a suitable piece of acrylic and the bow tie straps.

acrylic bow tie

You can cut the design of the bow tie as you like. There are limitless possibilities. For instance, you can cut it in the shape of a mustache. After that, you can engrave any design on the acrylic.

Once the piece of acrylic is ready, polish it as you like and attach it to the bow tie straps. Your gift is ready to be presented.

2) DIY Toolbox

A toolbox is every man's essential kit, and your father would definitely like a customized toolbox. But keep in mind that it is a bit time-consuming as you need to cut and engrave all the pieces and then assemble them together.

wooden tool box

You need several sheets of wood and the design file to make the customized toolbox. The laser machine will cut the pieces of the toolbox, and then you can customize it through engraving. You can engrave any symbol, name, or anything else on the toolbox.

Finally, you need to polish or paint the pieces and attach them together. It is a useful gift, and your father can put his tools in the box.

3) Engraved Beer Bottle

An empty beer bottle can be turned into a gift. There are empty bottles available that are ready for engraving. After buying a bottle, you can engrave it using xTool D1. A diode laser can etch glass if you use a cold galvanizing computer or tempera paint on it. For more details, read this guide on how to etch glass using xTool D1.

You can engrave a quote for Father's Day. It would be a nice idea, or you can engrave anything you like. After engraving, the gift is ready. However, you can decorate it with ribbons and glitter.

4) Docking Station

A docking station is quite helpful as it organizes things in one place. Your father can put your smartphone, keys, eyeglasses, watch, and other stuff on it. It is a nice idea for organizing things at work or home.

wooden dock station

It is quite simple to make a docking station from plywood. You only need to cut 2-3 pieces and assemble them together. The station can also be customized by engraving the name or logo. Finally, paint it as you like.

5) Engraved Wallet

Men usually keep a wallet with them. It would be a nice idea to give a personalized wallet to your father. Such wallets are available in online stores, and you can buy one. After that, you can engrave on leather using xTool D1.

The good idea is to put your father's name on it or a Father's Day quote. This gift idea is pretty simple as you don't need a design file. You only need to put text on a pre-made leather wallet.

6) Soda Can Cover

Soda Can Cover is a unique idea. You might be seeing it for the first time. It is also a simple idea as you need a piece of leather and then engrave something on it. Any caption or tagline would be a great idea for engraving the cover.

soda can cover

If you have a ready-made cover, you only need to engrave it. But it is better to get a piece of leather and then turn it into a soda can cover through the stitching.

7) Belt

One of the most used and useful items for dads is a belt. It could be one of the simplest Father's Day gift ideas, and it will be ready in a few minutes. All you need to do is grab a nice leather belt from the market. Put that belt on the laser engraving machine and engrave your father's name, title, message, or anything else. There is no finishing required.

8) Keychain

Keychains are also popular on Father's Day. For making a keychain, you have many choices of selecting materials. You can choose steel keychains, wooden keychains, acrylic keychains, etc. All these ready-made keychains are available. You can engrave on almost all commonly used keychain materials using xTool D1.

9) Beer Bottle Opener Wall Mount

If you want to open a beer bottle with a swag or style, a customized wall mount beer bottle opener is the right choice. You can give this gift to your father on this special day.

Beer Bottle Opener Wall Mount

You need a few pieces of plywood. It is easier to cut 2-3 3mm plywood in the shape of a beer bottle and then join those pieces together using glue. It will make the beer bottle opener thick and strong. Finally, you need to attach the opener to the wood. Wall mount steel openers are available easily. You can fix them on the wood with two screws.

10) Engraved Hammer

Engraving on the handle of the hammer is quite a unique idea for Father's Day. You buy a hammer from the market and engrave a quote or anything else on it. It is quite simple, and you only need to engrave text on the hammer. It will be ready in a few minutes.

Final Words

These were some unique, appealing, and useful Father's Day gift ideas. Beginners can also try these as they are simple enough. You only need xTool D1 and the raw materials to create a unique and stunning gift for your father. If you want to know how to use xTool D1 and make different items, check out our How-to Guides.

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