Top 5 Decor Ideas for Easter 2022 (All Laser-Engraved)

Christians love to celebrate Easter with great zeal, devotion, and spirit. They value celebrating the day with unique Easter décor ideas. People decorate their homes and invite other people on the day.

Easter celebration is incomplete without home decoration. Therefore, people brainstorm new Easter décor ideas and search for new things on the internet. They try to do something unique and attractive to please others and enjoy the day to the fullest.

We are here with some amazing Easter décor ideas that you can implement at your home. We will share the best ideas for this Easter and how you can make the décor items on your own.

Part 1: Easter Décor Ideas for 2022 

1) Easter Rolling Pin 

On Easter day, celebrants adore having cookies with special Easter patterns. People make such special cookies at their homes to celebrate the day with great zeal and enthusiasm. These appealing cookies are also available on the streets, and people share them with others.

easter rolling pin

Women search for the latest recipes to make Easter cookies at their home, and we can say the celebrations are incomplete without having cookies.

The most important thing about Easter cookies is the design. The recipe of the cookies is almost the same; only the distinctive feature is the pattern or design of the cookies. These designs are made with special rolling pins.

The rolling pins available on the market are common, but you can make Easter rolling pins at your home using a laser engraving machine. You can customize it as you like and create a perfect piece. In addition, you can also use the rolling pin as a décor item. The pattern looks appealing.

2) Kraft Paper Bag

On Easter day, having a customized kraft paper bag is an amazing idea. You can decorate your home with these kraft paper bags.

kraft paper bag for easter decoration

If you own a shop, it is better to customize the bags for the day and make customers happier. A kraft paper bag would be an excellent gift to present. 

If you are planning to present something to your loved ones on the day, you can put the gift in a customized kraft paper bag rather than a simple bag. The bag and gift will look more attractive.

Kraft paper bags for Easter can be made using a laser engraving machine. Any design can be engraved on the paper along with your name, branding, or anything you like.

3) Egg Holder

People present Easter egg holders to their loved ones. It is a lovely Easter gift that helps you recall your memories. You can even give an egg holder to everyone in your family and neighbors; it is quite cheap if you make it at home.

egg holder for easter 2022

In addition, your home can also be decorated using Easter egg holders. It would be appealing to keep the holders on the dining table and other places of the house. The best part is that making an egg holder is the easiest décor idea.

Egg holders can be made with the help of laser engravers. These can be made with a wide range of materials, such as wood, cardboard, paper, or anything you like. If you have a laser engraving machine, it would be best to write an Easter message or greetings on the wooden egg holders.

4) Rock Coaster

Rock coasters are good for your teacups and beer mugs. These keep the surface of the table or the area where you put your mugs and cups clean. Customized Easter rock coasters would be a great idea to celebrate with your loved ones. You can serve drinks along with the customized coasters, and your visitors will be amazed after seeing them.

Rock coasters look appealing, and the customized ones are more attractive. Easter customized rock coasters can be made using a laser engraving machine. Any design, pattern, message, or image can be engraved using a laser. The engraving lasts for a long time, so you can keep the rock coasters for next Easter as well. It is also an excellent gifting idea and one of the most cost-friendly Easter décor ideas.

5) Wall Hangings

Home décor without wall hangings is incomplete. On Easter day, you should try to decorate your house using wall hangings. There are limitless possibilities and designs of wall hangings, and all can be customized according to Easter.

wall hangings for easter

For instance, you can take three pieces of wood and write Easter messages on them. Then join all these together using a thread or chain.

Another idea is to engrave an image or design on the piece of wood and hang it on the wall. Everything is possible; brainstorm the ideas and implement them on your own. 

Part 2: How to Make These at Home with Laser Engraving?

It is quite easy to make Easter items, gifts, and art pieces at home. You can use xTool D1, which is a diode laser cutting and engraving machine. It is ideal for DIY lovers, hobbyists, artists, and professionals.

The best thing about this laser machine from xTool is that it can engrave a wide range of materials. It can engrave wood, ceramics, paper, acrylic, leather, and steel. You can also cut wood, cardboard, acrylic, paper, and a few more items using the laser. Thus, you have many options to select materials to implement Easter décor ideas and make personalized items.

The machine engraves materials with high precision. You can even engrave your photos on wood or other materials. Easter designs will look perfect and amazing after being engraved with the machine. 

xTool D1 is a diode laser machine that allows you to be more creative. You can make unlimited Easter objects and décor items with it. In addition, such items can be sold on online stores and social media pages. It could be an excellent idea for earning money on Easter day.

Using xTool D1 is pretty easy. Let’s see how you can implement Easter décor ideas using the machine.

Step 1: First, you need to find designs. If you are a graphic designer, you can make your own designs. But if not, find the designs on the internet.

Step 2: Place the materials (such as plywood, acrylic, steel, or ceramic) on the honeycomb working panel.

Step 3: Upload the design to Laserbox Basic, which is the software for D1. Set the settings, such as speed and power. Click on the Start button to start engraving. 

Step 4: After engraving, your décor item is ready. You can make it more appealing using paint or stickers. Now, you are ready to decorate your home with amazing Easter décor ideas and sell items online.


Easter day can be made more enjoyable by making customized items. You can make unique items at your home. You only need a laser engraving machine, and after that, you are able to make anything you like. You can express your creativity and make gifts and décor items using a laser engraver. It would be very cost-effective to make everything at your home, and it can also turn into a business if you sell Easter items and decoration pieces online.

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