Introducing the World’s First 20W Diode Laser Module (Compatible with xTool D1)

We are proud to announce the launch of the world’s first 20 Watt diode laser module for xTool D1. It is a diode laser module made with innovative laser technology.

The 20W diode laser module is available at pre-orders. We are giving special discounts for early buyers. The estimated delivery for the first batch of pre-orders is April 2022.

The diode laser module can be bought with Affirm at a starting price of $46 per month. Buyers can easily equip themselves with this powerful laser and enhance their creativity.

Don’t be late to miss the discount and opportunity to get the 20W diode laser module in the shortest possible time. Equip yourself with it and be able to make more creative and innovative products at a higher efficiency.

Watch the Youtube Live Demo Here:

What Makes It Stand Out?

This would be the first question striking your head after reading “The world’s most powerful laser module”. The technology and features help it to stand out from the crowd.

1) Innovative Technology

The innovative technology of this 20W diode laser module sets it apart from other modules. It uses four 5W laser beams inside the module. These beams are passed through a reflector to merge into one spot and then converged by a convex lens. Consequently, the laser is more powerful at the same electric power. It is much better than a single laser of 20W.

2) Magnificent Speed and Improved Work Efficiency

The laser is powerful because of its innovative technology. It cuts and engraves at a very fast pace and increases the efficiency of your work by 200-250%.

The speed of this 20W diode laser module is 10,000 mm/min, which is almost three times more than the speed of a 5W diode laser module. It covers a wide area in a short span and saves you a lot of time. It does the job quickly, allowing you to make more products.

3) Commendable Cutting Capacity

The intense laser cuts 10mm wood and 8mm acrylic in one pass, which is 3-5 times the cutting capability of a 5W laser module. It is capable of cutting thicker materials that increase your product line.

4) Ultra-fine Precision

The precision of the diode laser module is laudable. The convex lens creates a very fine laser of 0.08 x 0.15mm that improves the precision to a great extent. It can create fine pieces of art at a very high speed, making it an ideal module for engravers.

FAQs about Diode Laser Module

What does the power ratings of a diode laser module mean?

There are three types of power ratings associated with a laser machine. One is the input power of the machine, which has nothing to do with the module’s power.

Then, modules have two power ratings: Laser Electric Power and Laser Optical Power.

The Laser Electric Power indicates the electric power consumed. It helps you calculate the electricity consumption of the module.

The real rating for a diode module is the Laser Optical Power. You need to look at this power to get an idea of the capability and power of the laser.

Our newly launched laser module has a 20W Laser Optical Power. You need to buy a module based on this power. Don’t get confused between these two.

Does the focus of the beams really matter?

Yes, the focus of the beams matters a lot because it defines precision. If the beams are focused, the laser will be fine, giving more precision in engraving. You will be able to see the even fine and minute lines in the engraving.

What should I look at while buying a diode laser module?

You need to look at the laser optical power, technology, size of the spot, and speed. These all define a diode laser module. The size of the spot ensures precision, and the speed of the laser shows how quick it is.

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