Introducing xTool Enclosure: the Quality Cover for D1 and Other Open Laser Engravers

When laser beams hit the surface of an object, they vaporize the material and turn it into a gaseous state. It results in dust particles, pungent odors, and smog. The smog from some materials is quite harmful to humans, and it needs to be expelled properly.

While using a laser engraving machine, it is necessary to ensure proper ventilation to expel dust, harmful gasses, particles, and smog out of the working area. In addition, there is also a risk of fire because laser beams increase the temperature of the surface abruptly, which could lead to a fire in the worst case.

All these problems can be solved by using an enclosure. It keeps the smog, particles, and odors inside and expels them out through the ventilation system. If you are using a laser engraving machine in a closed area, an enclosure is a must.

The enclosure not only keeps the environment clean but also reduces the noise in the area. If it is made from a fire-proof material, then it can also reduce the risk of fire. It has many benefits, and all laser engravers should be inside the enclosure to ensure safety.

Introducing xTool Enclosure

xTool is pleased to announce the state-of-the-art enclosure that can be used for D1 and other open laser engravers.

xtool enclosure for laser engravers

Undoubtedly, there are many laser engraving enclosures available, but most of them lack the features that are required. For instance, some enclosures are not portable and foldable, so you cannot move and store them easily. Plus, some do not have proper ventilation and fire-resistant properties.

xTool has focused on all features while making and has created an all-in-one enclosure that can solve all the associated problems.

Why is xTool Enclosure Better than Others?

Compatible with Open Laser Engravers

xTool enclosure is compatible with almost all open laser engravers. The dimensions of the enclosure are 625 x 613 x 314mm, which can easily fit D1 and third-party open laser engraving machines.

If any third-party open laser engraving machine is smaller than the said dimensions, the enclosure is more than perfect. For different machines, the enclosure has three openings for power ports. The user can use any of the ports according to the height of the machine.

Foldable and Portable

Most enclosures available on the market are fixed, bulky, and non-portable. In contrast, the xTool enclosure is lightweight, compact, and foldable. 

Most importantly, the Velcro straps at the ends of enclosure parts make assembling and dismantling quick and easy. It hardly takes 2 minutes to assemble the enclosure. After use, you can fold the enclosure and store it; it does not take too much space.

Simply put, the enclosure is incredibly portable, space-saving, and easy to carry.

Optimal Quality Construction

xTool has given more attention to the construction of the enclosure. While engraving, the temperature of the object rises abruptly. Due to a powerful laser, there are chances of a fire. Therefore, the construction of the enclosure matters a lot.

The inner layer of the enclosure is made of 600D polyester fabric, which is flame retardant. It prevents fire in the first place, but if there is any fire, it slows it down. This layer ensures the safety of the machine as well as the working area.

The second layer is made of a hard honeycomb board material. It makes the enclosure rigid, durable, and stable. Therefore, xTool’s enclosure is not flimsy like other enclosures on the market.

The last layer is made of PU cross-grain. This layer is easy to clean. The user can wipe it to keep it tidy. In addition, the edges are made of polyester for the safety of the user.

Excellent Ventilation

The enclosure is designed to offer optimal airflow for ventilation. There are small air inlets on the sides to take fresh air inside. Then, the smog, odor, and dust particles are expelled through the exhaust.

[Pre-order] xTool Enclosure: foldable and smoke-proof cover for D1 and other laser engravers

An exhaust pipe can also be attached to the exhaust fan to expel harmful air outdoors. Overall, the enclosure increases the ventilation efficiency by up to 200%.

Health Protection

There are several health hazards associated with laser engraving and cutting machines. Some materials, such as acrylic, PVC, and rubber, emit toxic fumes that are quite harmful.

Secondly, the particles of the material that are the byproduct of engraving are also dangerous for your lungs. 

xTool enclosure expels out the dust particles and harmful fumes through the exhaust. Even if you are working in a closed area, the enclosure keeps the environment clean and safe.

Noise is also an issue with laser machines. Due to the enclosure, the noise of the machine is greatly reduced.

Another prominent issue of laser machines is the harmful laser beams. It is necessary to wear eye protection while operating it. But due to the viewing window of the xTool enclosure, the blue light is filtered. Thus, there is no need to wear eye protection.

If you want to do air filtration, it is also possible with xTool Smoke Purifier. You can attach the purifier to the enclosure, and it will purify the air.