xTool M1 Goes to Regular Sales on June 25!

We are proud to announce that our world’s first desktop hybrid laser & blade cutting machine, M1, is going to regular sales from June 25.

We introduced xTool M1 in October 2021 on Kickstarter. We were initially taking pre-orders of the product. The delivery took a considerable time, but we still got a massive number of orders and successfully achieved a huge milestone in a very short period of time.

xtool M1

We are truly grateful for the companionship and support from backers on Kickstarter during these 8 months. It was huge support that helped us to bring M1 to market and make it available for people. 

Undoubtedly, M1 is a great achievement for its markers. It is an innovative laser machine that supports more than 100 types of materials. Due to its advanced features, such as a built-in camera, hybrid technology, and powerful laser, it has reached a big milestone in only eight months.

Now, it is going to move to regular sales from June 25. There is no need for pre-orders and a long delivery period, which is splendid news for laser enthusiasts.

xTool M1 New Prices

During the crowdfunding and pre-sale period, our focus was to offer the machine at a very reasonable and competitive price. Despite innovative and extraordinary features in the machine, we kept the price low to facilitate the laser engraving and cutting community with this innovative and new tool.

We are thankful to the customers who have booked M1 in pre-orders. They waited for a long time to get this powerful and innovative machine. We started pre-sale shipping in March 2022, and now, we are moving to regular sales of xTool M1 from June 25, 2022.

The new prices of xTool M1 will be,

xTool M1 (5W) Basic = $999 

xTool M1 (10W) Basic = $1199                  

xTool M1 (10W) Deluxe = $1399 

The Basic package includes only the machine, while the Deluxe package includes RA1 and materials.

Want to Save Money? Order Before June 25

We are thankful to the people who helped us achieve this milestone quickly. In return, we are giving the exact price of pre-sale to new customers till June 25.

You can save $200 by ordering before June 25. After this date, new prices will be applicable. It is an ideal time to get xTool M1 at a low price.

The prices till June 25 are,

xTool M1 (5W) Basic = $799 

xTool M1 (10W) Basic = $899                    

xTool M1 (10W) Deluxe = $1199 

xtool m1 new prices

Get benefited from this special offer and buy xTool M1 at the pre-sale price. Again, we are thankful for your massive and outstanding support.

Keep innovating and creating new things with the laser! Happy Laser Journey!