30 Creative Wood Wall Art Ideas to Embellish Your Home

by Shopify API Posted in May 12, 2023

Let's see some of the best wall art projects that you can try. We will also share some amazing resources from where you can get laser cut wall art files for free.

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30 Handmade Wooden Wall Art Projects

Here are some wooden wall art projects you can create using your laser machine. There are free files that you can try. Some of the files are in CDR, so you must convert them into DXF using an online tool or software.

Tree Mountain Sun

wood wall art - tree moutain sun

image credit:3axis.co

The beautiful view of the sunset is expressed in this wall art piece. It is a four-layer laser cutter project, but it is exceptionally simple. All these four layers are the basic designs and patterns of mountains. It won't take too much time. However, you need to paint it well to make it attractive and appealing.

Make sure to take thin plywood as there are many layers. 2-3mm plywood is more than enough for this project.

Tree of Life

wood wall art - tree life

image credit:3axis.co

It is an exceptional art piece for a living room or drawing room. The tree has a massive number of branches and looks great in a circular shape. It is a simple project because you just need to cut one layer of plywood and paint it later. It is better to get thicker plywood for this project; 7mm is excellent, but you can also make it using 3mm.

Light Bulb Wall Art

wood wall art - light bulb

image credit:3axis.co

This wall art is quite unique and attractive. The bulb with flowers in it is quite different from normal art pieces. It looks beautiful, but it is also very delicate. You can use thick plywood for that, but 3mm plywood will also work. Paint the flowers and the bulb according to your choice.

Mandala Wall Art

wood wall art - mandala

image credit:3axis.co

Mandala Art is evergreen, and it can go with any wall, whether it is your bedroom, living room, entrance area, office, etc. This art piece is quite simple and less intricate compared to other Mandala art pieces. For better contrast, you can also paste this art on another piece of plywood.

Deer Wooden Wall Art

wood wall art - deer

image credit:3axis.co

For wildlife lovers, this is a creative wall art idea. The art piece has a different meaning as it shows trees, deer, and the sky at night. It looks good when you make it a large piece of plywood, and for that, you need a larger laser cutting machine or an extension to increase the area.

Flower Vase Wall Art

wood wall art - flower vase

image credit:3axis.co

Jeep Wall Art

wood wall art - jeep

image credit:3axis.co

This laser-cut jeep wood wall art is simple. You can make it with a piece of plywood and paint. Use 2mm-3mm plywood to cut it easily. Thick plywood can be pasted on walls using double-sided tape without any hassle.

Running Horses

wood wall art - horse

image credit:3axis.co

You might have seen running horses' wall art in many places. These look intricate but are quite easy to make. You can take simple plywood or patterned plywood. Cut the horses, and then these will be ready to be pasted on the walls. These are one of the hot-selling wall art pieces.

Dancing Couple

wood wall art - couple

image credit:3axis.co

A decent, simple, and quick wall art for couples. Just cut the dancing couple's design on plywood and paint it; your art piece is ready. It is also an idea for gifting on anniversaries and other occasions.

Multi-layered Wooden Star

wood wall art - multi-layaered star

image credit:3axis.co

It is a multi-layered wooden star that looks phenomenal on a wall. It requires four layers of wood. You can either use different types of plywood having different colors or just use simple plywood and color it after cutting. It is a perfect piece for the entrance, drawing room, or living room

Coffee Heartbeat

wood wall art - heartbeat

image credit:3axis.co

This art piece should be on the wall of every coffee lover. It can be decorated in the bedroom, kitchen, or living room. The coffee cut, heart, and heartbeat convey the message quickly. It is a very delicate art and must be handled with care. 

Hunting Wall Art

wood wall art - hunting

image credit:3axis.co

The art piece shows the real-time scene of the event. The man is hunting the ducks with his rifle in the fields. For a living room and fireplace area, it is a good piece of art. Get a 3mm plywood and black paint, and you are good to go.

Circles Wall Art

wood wall art - circle

image credit:3axis.co

This simple wall art piece is suitable for every home and office. It is five-piece wall art that covers a large area. You can make one piece at a time on your laser machine. It gives a stunning look. 7mm would be the best option for this wall art piece. You can paint it according to the wall.

Three Piece Tree Wall Art

wood wall art - three piece tree

image credit:3axis.co

A nice wooden wall art piece for your drawing room and living room. It consists of three pieces, and all of them combinedly make the tree of life. Using your desktop laser machine, you can process one or two pieces at a time. It looks appealing and attractive.

Music Notes Wall Art

wood wall art - music note

image credit:3axis.co

For music lovers, music rooms, and special arenas, this art piece is ideal. It is a very simple art of music notes. Beginners can easily make it. But using your desktop machine, the maximum size can be 15 inches x 16 inches. For a larger size, you need a beginner machine.

Geometric Cat

wood wall art - geometric cat

image credit:3axis.co

This geometric cat is quite different from the common cat art pieces on the market. It gives a retro feel and is suitable for bedrooms, working areas, or living rooms. For cat lovers, it is an excellent piece of art. Use 3mm plywood and cut the design. It is better to use patterned plywood, or else you can use paint.


wood wall art - doberman

image credit:3axis.co

This wood wall art is just amazing. It is a multi-layered Doberman art perfect for families that love and keep dogs. It requires several layers and will take more time, but in the end, it is worth it. Color it using suitable colors and use your creativity to make it beautiful. You can also sell this art at a good price.

Flower Wall Art

wood wall art - flower

image credit:3axis.co

People visiting your home will definitely give compliments if you use this wood wall art in your drawing area. It is simple yet elegant, but it is quite delicate. If you have the xTool D1 extension, you can make this art in full size. Otherwise, you can make a smaller one.

Butterfly Art

wood wall art - butterfly

image credit:3axis.co

Another large wood wall art that you can make in pieces using your small laser machine. The butterfly, stems, flowers, and leaves make your room exceptional. It is better to cut it on thin plywood wood of 2-3mm and then paste it using double-sided tape.

Music Guitars

wood wall art - guitars

image credit:3axis.co

A very simple art piece to decorate your walls, singing practice areas, or dance classes. There are four types of guitars in the art piece. It is also a good gift for music lovers. It will take a few minutes, and your wall art will be ready.

New York Wall Art

For New York lovers, this wall art is a great choice. It represents the whole of New York, including the buildings, the bridge, and the statue of liberty. It is a simple and elegant piece to decorate your home. Cut it on the desired plywood and color it black.          

Butterfly Wall Art

This is one of the simplest wooden wall art pieces that beginners can easily try. It is a butterfly vector that you can cut on plywood. It is suitable for kids' bedrooms, study areas, or living rooms. It is a small piece that can easily be made using a desktop machine.

LOVE Wall Hanging Photo Frame

This is a lovely photo frame that you can place anywhere in your home. Three hearts are attached to the word LOVE, which has a very deep meaning. You can use one photo in each heart. It is also an amazing gift idea for your loved ones.

Salon Girl

If you're a beauty expert or you love to do experiments with your hair, this wall art piece is for you. There is a beautiful girl in the middle and all the hair makeover items around it. You can make each piece one by one on the laser machine. It will cover a larger area on the wall.

Three Bears Wall Art

This wood wall art has a beautiful meaning. The mother bear is going with its small bears. It shows unity and love in the family. It can be in your living area. Use 3mm or thicker plywood for this project. 

Optical Illusion

It is a very different and decent piece of art for your home. The optical illusion will attract the visitor's attention. The best part is that it is quite simple to make. Just make sure there is a suitable contrast between the color of the wall and the art piece.

Swan Wall Decor

There is no question about the beauty and elegance of a swan, and this wall art will also make your home more beautiful. It is a must-try because it is quite easy to make. 

African Lion

The African lion is a symbol of courage and bravery. This art piece is more than beautiful, and your visitors will definitely love it. Use 3mm to 7mm plywood and cut the design. Finally, paint in black color.

Family Wall Decor

It is an exceptionally simple and easy wall art piece to make. Plus, you can use it on any wall, including your bedroom, living room, entrance area, etc. It shows the love of a family. It looks like a picture frame. You cut the design and paste it into a frame, or you can also paste it on another plywood piece.

3D Love

This is an elegant art piece in every bedroom. It also has a small photo frame where you can have a picture of your lover, kids, or family. It is quite lovely and attractive. Take a 3mm plywood sheet and give it a go.

5 Sites to Download Free Laser-cut Wood Wall Art Files

3 Axis

3Axis is undoubtedly one of the best sources to get free laser-cut files without any hassle. It has over 21,000 free files to download for free. You can find almost any type of laser cut file or CNC file in various formats, including DXF, CDR, SVG, and AI.

The best thing about the website is that you do not need to create an account. Just go to the website and download the file you need for free. Plus, there is no attribution required.

On this site, you can find almost any type of laser file you need, for instance, wall art, wall clocks, boxes, dollhouses, patterns, toys, photo frames, cake toppers, décor items, furniture, puzzles, miniature items, and many more.

DXF Patterns

DXF Patterns is another place to find laser-cut files. This website is also free, and you can download the required files without logging in or creating an account. There is a massive variety of wall art pieces, patterns, and décor items.

CNC File

For wall art pieces, CNC File is an amazing website. You can find appealing, attractive, and trending pieces that will make your house more beautiful.

You can directly download the files. All these files are downloaded in ZIP format, and after unzipping them, you will have CDR files, AI, DXF, or any other suitable files. There is a massive collection, and you just need to find the ones you like.


DXF for CNC is a website for files suitable for CNC machines. But DXF files are also suitable for laser machines, and the software supports these files. So, you can easily use these files on your laser machine. You can download the images for free, and there are also some paid files that you can get to make your laser project unique and one-of-a-kind.

You need to create an account to download the free files as well. It requires your account information as well. Once you buy any file, you can make edits and use it as you like. It is ideal for commercial purposes.

An important thing about this website is the reviews. You can check the reviews of the files before downloading them.

Laser Ready Templates

Laser Ready Templates is a go-to website for laser machine users. There is a free template collection that updates on a regular basis. It means you can get new free files there.

Moreover, there is a massive collection of paid files as well. You can buy those files for your projects. It ensures you get high-quality and working files in no time. The collection on the website is huge. You can also look at the reviews of the files.

An Innovative Tool to DIY Wood Wall Art: xTool D1 Pro (40W)

The most important thing about the machine is the powerful laser module. It has the world's first 40W laser module, which can easily cut thick wood pieces and plywood in no time. You can cut up to 20mm of pine wood in only one pass. You cut wall art pieces in no time and get exceptional results with less effort. You can also upgrade your existing D1 Pro machine with the 40W module.

The laser machine works at a very fast speed and offers high precision and accuracy. The accuracy is 0.0004 inches, which is incredible. Most importantly, the engraving area of the machine is 430mm x 390mm, which is suitable for making wall art pieces. Plus, you can also get the extension for the machine to double the area and make larger wall art pieces.

The machine is equipped with advanced features. It has safety features to prevent fire or any other accident. Secondly, you can connect the air assist to the laser module directly to ensure clean and quick cuts. Just get the machine and embellish your home with beautiful wood wall art pieces.

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