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Basis (99 cm)
Alles in één kit (228 cm)
Transportrail (65,8 cm)
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Xtool automatische transportblader voor P2

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€459,00 Vat Inc. Btw excl. €499,00

- €40,00

€459,00 Vat Inc. Btw excl. €499,00

- €40,00

Bestel vandaag nog, schepen in 3-5 werkdagen voor EU-bestellingen.

Automatic Conveyor Feeder

 for xTool P2

Larger Area,
Amazing Effects

The maximum processing area is supersized up to 118''×19.6'', giving you the option to engrave anything up to 118 inches long in size effortlessly, and set more quantity at one time.

Automatic Conveying,
Farewell Accuracy Deviation

Automatic engraving path planning and material conveying;
Farewell to manual material feeding and accuracy deviation.

Creations Unrestrained
by Materialsal

The material range is expanded from plywood, acrylic and fiberboard to soft materials like felt, cork and EVA.

*Note: During processing, there may be a deviation of less than 2mm per 1000mm of conveying.

Creations Made Longer and Higher

More Thoughtful Design

Pressing Wheels, High Stability

The upper and lower pressure wheels use anti-slip materials, and materials of various sizes can be easily fixed to prevent them from slipping or shifting during the conveying process.

Buckle Design, Easier Assembly

With buckle design, the conveyor rail can be installed easily.

Color Markings for Pressure Setting

Different pressures need to be set for processing different materials. With color markings quickly matching each material pressure level, the pressure can be easily adjusted according to the material type.

Knob for Easy Positioning Adjustment

Users can easily adjust the position of materials with the lower knob.

Aligning Grids, for Precise Process

Align the material with the grids on the conveyor feeder and convey the material to the device, so that the material is parallel to the conveying direction.


Product InfomationAutomatic Conveyor Feeder for xTool P2
Applicable to xTool P2
Package Size30.2''×10.1''×9.1'' (769×255×230mm)
Product Size27.1''×7.8''×5.3'' (687×200×135mm)
Product Weight4.55kg
Max. speed160mm/s
Work Area
Maximum Processing Area118''×19.6'' (3000mm×500mm)
Maximum Material Width24.5'' (624mm)
Minimum Material Width2.5'' (65mm)
Maximum Material Thickness0.55'' (14mm)
Conveyor RailSupport Hard Material Length
(including hanging in the air 30cm)
Support Processing Length
(including hanging in the air 30cm)
Basic (2 pairs)*139'' (1m)34'' (0.85m)
Basic (2 pairs)*1+add on kit (2 pairs)*164.5'' (1.64m)58.6'' (1.49m)
Basic (2 pairs)*1+add on kit (2 pairs)*290'' (2.3m)84.6'' (2.15m)
Basic (2 pairs)*1+add on kit (2 pairs)*3118'' (3m)112.2'' (2.85m)

Soft Material

Without Conveyor Rail, the material can be hung down on both sides of the working area of conveyor feeder.(Some soft materials need to be processed with PET tape)