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Introducing xTool F1: A Super-Fast Handheld IR & Diode Laser Engraver

by Shopify API Posted in May 11, 2023

We are proud to announce that xTool is going to introduce yet another extraodinary machine, xTool F1, which is a handheld and portable laser engraver

The popular machines are xTool D1, M1, and Laserbox, but all these are desktop machines. With that being said, you cannot hold the machine in your hand to engrave a vertical object or carry it anywhere you like. Thus, there was a gap that xTool was trying to fill through its innovation and latest technology. 

What is Special about xTool F1?

Exceptionally Fast and Accurate

The super fast speed tops the list of xTool F1's characteristics. Laser enthusiasts used to worry about the speed of diode and infrared lasers by comparing them with fiber lasers since they were a bit slower. But due to the advanced industrial-grade galvanometer technology, xTool has made these lasers capable of engraving at a very high speed, which is nearly equal to that of powerful and expensive fiber lasers.

With the engraving speed reaching up to 3,000m/s, the super-fast handheld laser engraver & cutter can engrave on various materials within a few blinks of an eye, thus boosting your productivity and saving you a lot of time.

The accuracy of the machine is also exceptional. It offers 0.003mm accuracy, which is 5-10 times better than the diode and IR laser machines on the market, giving you perfect results without any noticeable defects.

Handheld and Portable

With the goal of making xTool F1 possible to engrave and cut objects anytime and anywhere, xTool has gone the extra mile to make it compact and portable, despite having two lasers built into it.

Regardless of the size and angle of the object, you just need to hold the handle, place it over the object, and you are good to go, the object will be engraved or cut in no time.

It can also be placed on a table or desktop and work just like a desktop machine, with its maximum engraving area of 100*100mm, and height up to 120mm. Therefore, it can work as a handheld as well as a desktop laser engraver. 

Furthermore, the dedicated software xTool Creative Space is compatible with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Android, allowing you to process the engraving even with a mobile device.

xTool Creative Space is compatible with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Android for xTool F1

So, you can readily take it to your client’s place and do the job in no time. It is perfect for various purposes and especially those where desktop laser engravers cannot work, such as vertical objects.

2-in-1 Handheld Laser Engraver

When buying a laser engraver,  the laser module is another significant consideration. xTool is the pioneer of introducing the first 10W 455nm diode and 2W 1064nm infrared galvanometer laser machine on the market, making it cover a wide range of materials and enabling you to engrave/cut whatever you want.

xTool F1 has a 10W 455nm diode laser and a 2W 1064nm infrared laser

The diode laser is compatible with wood, leather, acrylic, glass, ceramics, rubber, fabric, slate, etc. On the other hand, the IR laser is ideal for most common metals and plastics, including gold, silver, platinum, copper, aluminum, iron, and more.

Overall, the laser machine is capable of engraving and cutting 300+ types of materials, which will increase the number of items in your inventory and boost your creativity.

xTool F1 can engrave and cut 300_ types of materials

Live Engraving Preview

Now, you don’t need to worry about the positioning of the graphics over the object, and there is no need to waste materials. xTool F1 has preview technology that gives you a complete and live preview of graphics on the object.

xTool F1 has live preview feature

For perfect results, there are frame and graph outline previews. Before you start engraving, you can do flawless positioning of the graphics and make changes if needed. Most importantly, the preview is also made at an astounding speed of 10,000 mm/s.

Easy to Handle and Use

It is an ideal machine for beginners who have never used a laser engraving and cutting machine.

As a handheld laser engraver machine, it is very compact and easy to handle. It has a handle from where you can lift it easily and keep it in the right position during engraving. So you can engrave walls and vertical objects without any hassle.

Besides, the operating and focusing procedure of the machine is pretty simple. You only need to put the object in the laser engraving area. Then enter the thickness of the material in the software. The machine will automatically adjust the focus by positioning the laser head.

xTool F1 is easy to focus

Safe Design

While designing and making xTool F1, the engineers have considered the safety of the user. Firstly, the laser is completely enclosed, so it won’t allow the laser beams and debris to escape from the laser engraving area. Thus, your eyes and hands won’t get hurt by the laser. Additionally, you can use safety glasses to ensure a double protection of sensitive eyes.

xTool has also solved the issue of smoke and fumes. There is a built-in exhaust that contains a high-speed fan. It removes the smoke from the laser engraving. You can also attach the desktop smoke purifier to the laser machine and purify the smoke or exhaust coming out of the machine. So you can rest assured that the machine can be used indoors. It is completely safe and prevents indoor pollution.

desktop smoke purifier for xTool F1

Compatible with RA2 Pro

Even though the size of xTool F1 is small, it can also engrave cylindrical objects, such as small mugs. It is compatible with the RA2 Pro, which is a 4-in-1 rotary attachment that can engrave 90% of irregular objects. Therefore, you can connect the attachment and engrave cylindrical and spherical objects, including rings and spheres. 

xTool F1 is capble of mutiple-ways of engraving

You might be concerned about the cover taking up the engraving area. No need to worry. The cover of the machine can be adjusted at any position, so attaching the rotary is not a problem. 


To make it pocket-friendly, xTool has slashed the price of F1 to only 1,549 €, which is valid to Nov 30th.

As the first 10W diode and 2W infrared galvanometer laser machine, F1 is even cheaper than similar products on the market that only have one laser module. It's undoubtedly a wise choice of laser investment, especially for those looking to scale up their small business prductivity. It's worth every penny with its ultra-fast engraving speed.


Whether you're just starting out or a veteran, xTool F1 is an ideal portable handheld laser engraver that comes with outstanding features, enabling you to engrave easily under more scenarios. 

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