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Introducing xTool Fire Safety Set for Desktop Laser

by Shopify API Posted in May 11, 2023

Having a Desktop Laser can be a fun and exciting hobby, and desktop laser engravers are friendly and safe for everyone to use. However, one almost completely overlooked segment involving the laser hobby is in the area of Fire Safety.

While some modern desktop laser machines can detect a fire and then immediately shut themselves down, that doesn’t mean that the item that has caught on fire gets shut down. There needs to be a means of dealing with this scenario, especially when the laser is operated within the confines of where you and your children live. 

How many desktop laser users would call their Homeowners Insurance policy holders and proudly proclaim they are running a home business using a laser? Most people probably would not for fear of having their rates increased due to the risk of fire. Would your homeowners insurance pay to repair fire damage if they learned you were operating a laser business within your home?

If you don’t believe this is a problem, Google the words “laser home fire”. You’ll then realize this is not as uncommon an occurrence as you’d wish that it were.

Today, we’ll explore an exciting new product that provides maximum safety for home desktop laser users, the xTool Fire Safety Set for Desktop Laser.

Can a Laser Start a Fire?

Operating a laser machine involves the factors that trigger a fire.

A fire needs 4 elements to occur. Heat, Fuel, Oxygen, and a sustained Chemical Reaction. When you place a piece of flammable material on the bed of your laser and hit the start button, all 4 of these requirements for fire are now present. 

In nearly all cases control is maintained, however it only takes a moment to lose that control. 

Variances in material composition can vary wildly even among certain types of woods, especially in plywoods. Some glues and saps are more prone to ignition than others. Slower speeds and higher power necessary to perform an engraving or cutting operation exacerbate the potential for ignition.

It's strongly suggested that laser operators must maintain a constant presence when performing each laser operation

Prevent a Laser Fire with the xTool Fire Safety Set

Here’s something that no one likes to talk about. If you encounter a fire during laser operations, HOW WILL YOU REACT? Some people will tackle the fire head-on, and some people will turn and run. Which one are you? We all like to think we’re brave but you just don’t know how you’ll react when looking directly at a growing fire that is about to spread. 

The best way to deal with this is to remove that human element from the fire equation using a fire suppression system.

As mentioned above there are 4 elements required for a fire. If you remove any one of those 4 elements the fire will be extinguished. With the xTool Fire Safety Set, the principal method of stopping the fire is by the displacement of Oxygen with a non-toxic CO2 gas. No oxygen, no fire. Because this is done within an enclosure, fire cessation is achieved quickly and safely.

xTool fire safety set for desktop lasers

How xTool Fire Safety Set Prevent a Laser Fire

Step 1: Auto Flame Detection

By using 5 fire detection sensors and integrated algorithms of light, temperature, and position inside the enclosed laser, xTool Fire Safety set is sensitive to any possible dangers of fire.

Step 2: Auto Alarm Trigger

Immediately after the fire detection, xTool Fire Safety Set will automatically trigger the alarm, warning users of the fire by continuous "beeping" sounds. During this time, you can turn off the alarm and handle the fire manually.

Step 3: Auto Power Cut

To prevent further exacerbating the burning fire and protect the laser machine from fire, the smart switch of the xTool Fire Safety Set will shut down the working laser automatically after the alarm sounds in a few seconds.

Step 4: Auto Fire Extinguishing

After seconds of alarming, xTool Fire Safety Set will automatically release the CO2 gases into the enclosed laser and quench the burning fire with non-toxic and not smelly fumes; preventing the laser machine from further damage and leaving a cleaner laser workspace afterwards. (Test 100% success in putting out a burning fire in xTool laboratory.)

How Do You Prevent a Laser Fire?

Regardless of how careful an operator is, or what steps they take to reduce the chance of a laser fire, the possibility of igniting your material always exists, even for the most experienced of laser users. 

Selecting good materials, and having knowledge of proper laser power and speed settings are key elements to fire safety. The inclusion of an air assist set also greatly reduces the possibility of ignition.

  • Never leave your laser unattended
  • Ensure the material you are working with is clean and free from oils, greases, solvents, etc.
  • Ensure fire detection alarms are enabled in the laser configuration file.
  • Follow an established workflow to ensure the laser is maintained properly, focused properly, and air assist turned on prior to engraving or cutting operations.
  • Stop your job if excessive smoke is observed.
  • Stop your job if flame flare-ups are visible. Most flame sensors require several seconds of exposure prior to activation. If you see a problem, react immediately. Don’t wait for the alarm.
  • Operate your laser in an enclosure with a fire suppression system.


Even though laser operations are safer than ever, and laser machines are smarter than ever, a fire resulting from laser engraving or cutting operations is still possible. 

Fire damage from a home laser business might not be covered by your current homeowners or renters insurance policy, leaving the burden and high costs of restoration solely upon the homeowner. Each home business operator should check with their insurance provider to ensure adequate coverage is in place.

A fire suppression system added to your home business such as the xTool Fire Safety set could offset additional insurance costs and provide peace of mind that the laser operator is doing all they can to protect their family and home from the devastating effects of a house fire. 

Laser engraving and cutting is a fun hobby and can also be a lucrative business or side hustle. xTool wants that experience to be as safe as possible for everyone. xTool will continue to lead the way in laser safety and innovation. 

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