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[Pre-Order] xTool F1 Ultra Conveyor

Orders placed today ship in 3-5 business days within the European Union.
€519,99 VAT Inc. VAT Excl. €623,99

- €104,00

€519,99 VAT Inc. VAT Excl. €623,99

- €104,00

Orders placed today ship in 3-5 business days within the European Union.

xTool F1 Ultra Conveyor

Factory-Level Productivity Made Easy to Master


Auto Streamline™ Your Wild Production

One can effortlessly handle large quantities of production at times when large orders are in a rush.

Camera made production easy

Camera can automatically identify the shape of the materials while the xTool Creative Space software helps engrave patterns accurately to every piece.

Perfect Engraving Outcome

No matter how small the object it is, the engraving always come out accurately placed.


Large Area, Wild Imagination

F1 Ultra Conveyor has 220mm*550mm working area. You can engrave large-piece photos or large quantity of objects in one take


Steps Away to Complete Production


Quality Design, Built to Last


Even Heavy Objects Can Move & Engrave Smoothly

xTool F1 ultra conveyor can bear up to 10kg objects, enough to process numerous daily objects in one take.

Extra Stabilization For Accurate Positioning

Connect the fastening pieces to F1 Ultra, guaranteeing the maximum engraving area of the conveyor and ensuring your projects remain perfectly positioned throughout the process.


Environmental Friendly Material

Our conveyor belt is made from PU material, certified by California Proposition 65 standards, offering a safer and healthier alternative to common PVC belts.

Stable yet Lightweight

Constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy, weighs only 11kg, making it easy to move and set up in various workspaces.


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Applicable to 
xTool F1 Ultra
Package Size1120*400*175mm
Product Size1002*290*89mm
Product Weight8.545kg
Maximum Processing Area500*220mm
Maximum Thickness of
Processing Material
Less than 81.5mm
Working Temperature 0-35°C