Top 5 Laser Cut Christmas Gift Ideas

by Shopify API Posted in May 12, 2023

Let’s see these ideas and how you can implement them using a laser cutting and engraving machine.

laser cut christmas gifts

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5 Laser Cut Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Inspiration

1) Laser Engraved Christmas Ball Ornaments

laser engraved christmas ball ornaments

A Christmas without Christmas ball ornaments is incomplete. People love to decorate their Christmas trees with these special balls. It is also an excellent business idea to make some extra profit in the season. 

You can make personalized and unique Christmas balls using your laser machine. The balls are available on the market, so you just need to engrave them. You can engrave any pattern you like, name, logo, or anything else. 

sephere rotary attachment

Connect the rotary to the machine and place the ball over it. Now, select the desired pattern or graphics and adjust its settings. You are ready to engrave on the ball.

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2) Personalized Christmas Mug

laser engraved personalized christmas mug

image credit: SahuaroLane - Etsy

Drinking tea or beer in a personalized cup in front of a fireplace on Christmas evening just makes you feel more relaxed and enjoy the time. 

It is a hot-selling and profitable item. It is also suitable for beginners as they can engrave whatever they want without any hassle.

You can engrave tumblers, mugs, or water bottles. Whether it's a stainless steel or powder-coated, they all can be engraved using xTool D1 Pro and xTool M1. However, you need RA2 rotary attachment as well to rotate the mug while engraving.

xTool D1 Pro Diode Laser Engraver

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3) Personalized Christmas Beanie

This is one of the easiest Christmas ideas. All you need to do is just engrave a leather patch and attach it to a beanie. It is a popular and quick-selling item on Christmas, and you can also make it for your family and loved ones. They would love to wear personalized Christmas beanies on the day.

laser engraved personalized christmmas beanie

image credit: MancillasStudio - Etsy

Get a beanie from the market. You can select any color you like and any design. Now, you need leather patches. You can go with artificial leather. The patches can be easily engraved using xTool D1 or M1. It will hardly take 3-4 minutes, depending on the size of the engraving.

 4) Personalized Christmas Hoodie

People look for unique dresses for Christmas. Therefore, a personalized Christmas hoodie is an excellent idea. The hoodie will be unique, appealing, and according to the wearer. Anything can be written on it, including name, logo, quote, pattern, picture, etc.

personalized christmas hoodie

Once the pattern is ready, paste it on the hoodie using a heat press machine. The hoodie will be ready in no time.

5) Laser Cut Christmas Tree Music Box

If you want to surprise your loved ones with something unique and exceptional, this could be an incredible idea. The soothing music will multiply the joy of Christmas, and the rotating tree looks mesmerizing. It is a perfect piece of home decor as well as offices.

laser cutting christmas tree music box

You can cut the tree using xTool D1 Pro or M1 as well. After cutting the tree from the plywood, paint it and assemble it. Now, you can engrave the music box. For this, you need the RA2 rotary attachment. Place the music box on the chuck rotary and engrave it. Finally, paste the wooden tree and gift boxes on the music box.

Tada! Your gift is ready. You can also sell these tree music boxes online. They sell like hot cupcakes as they are unique and appealing. The best part is that you get an excellent profit margin.

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