Meet our users.

Meet our users.

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Most people play with xTool machines as a pure side hobby, until they found they could turn into a money maker. Meet our xTool users, and see how they have come from a laser beginner to a laser business owner.

Beaux Branch

Beaux Branch, a veteran, woodworker and proud xTool D1 user, tells his story of how he started the laser creation and truned it into a business he keeps on making money from.

Melissa Lebaron

As a wife, mother, and grandmother of a beautiful family, and even a horse trainer and business partner, Melissa LeBaron has extended her list of identities by engaging herself in creation and making money with xTool D1.

Scott Mumma

Scott Mumma, as he himself puts it, is at his garage laser creating, if he is not working. This obsession with xTool's machine has been passed on to his family and now keeping his SB Laser Creation and More business growing.

Melissa Stott

xTool M1, to Melissa Stott, is more like a crafting toy she and her boy use to entertain themselves, rather than a machine of productivity to make money. But that doesn't make it any less rewarding and even educational, if you have a crafting boy just like she does.

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