18 Laser Engraved Gifts for This Coming Holiday Season

by Shopify API Posted in May 12, 2023

Laser machine owners often struggle for new, unique, hot-selling, and profitable gift ideas for the holiday season. Their main goal is to upgrade the inventory and range of products that can boost sales and bring more profit.

We are here with a comprehensive list of 18 laser engraved and cutting gift ideas that you can try in the coming holiday season. We will share different ideas along with a brief explanation of how to make the item. Moreover, for the ease of readers, we will share some example project files to get a better idea.

laser engraved gifts

If you want to make this holiday season more profitable, you need to look at the profitable ideas we have shared. But you also need to think out of the box, tweak the project, and make something unique and attractive. It will attract more customers, and you will have massive sales this holiday season.

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  • Laser Cutting Holiday Greeting Card
  • Custom Laser Engraved Wood Photo
  • Laser Engraved Handwriting Name or Signature Jewelry
  • Laser Cut Wood Journals for Students
  • Personalized Laser Engraved Family Glassware
  • Personalized Laser Cutting Wooden Lightbox for Women
  • Personalized Laser Cutting Board
  • Custom Laser Engraved Christmas Tree Baubles
  • Laser Cut Wood for Father/Mother
  • Laser Cutting Pet Ornaments for Pet Lovers
  • Personalized Laser Engraved Wallet for Him
  • Customized Laser Engraved Tumblers
  • Laser Cutting Organizer for Hanging Jewelry
  • Personalized Laser Engraved Cutlery with Name
  • Laser Engraved Skateboard
  • Customized Laser Cutting Wooden Pins
  • DIY Phone Case
  • Custom Laser Cutting Coasters

18 Laser Engraved Holiday Gift Ideas

We have picked some of the best ideas that you can implement this holiday season. These ideas are proven because they have amazing sales during holidays. However, these are just to give you some ideas and inspiration. You need to think on your own and make similar items to sell on the market.

Let’s start the countdown!

1. Laser Cutting Holiday Greeting Card

laser cutting holiday greeting card

Greeting cards are one of the commonly bought items during holidays. People send these cards to their loved ones and share love and greetings. It is one of the oldest gifting ideas, but it is still quite popular and preferred.

With the help of your laser engraving and cutting machine, you can make exceptional greeting cards. You can cut almost any design on paper or card stock with perfection. It can cut and engrave intricate designs. 

Example Project Files:


2. Custom Laser Engraved Wood Photo

laser engraved wood photo

There can’t be any better gift idea than a photographic memory for someone. It would be memorable as well as rejoicing. For a new touch, laser engraved wood photos are in great demand. You will see many vendors selling laser engraved photos.

All you need is a plywood piece and then engrave a photo on it. It is a common gift idea, but you can make it unique by giving the photo frame a distinct and appealing design. You can cut an attractive boundary for the photo and use multilayers for the frame. It will look more appealing.

3. Laser Engraved Handwriting Name or Signature Jewelry

laser engraved necklace

If you are looking for something unique, profitable, and quick selling, then this is an excellent gifting idea for laser business owners. It is quite trending on Etsy and other platforms, and people love to buy it for their loved ones.

Pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings are available on the market. You need to buy a suitable piece by looking at the type of metal and its polish, and then engrave it using your laser machine. If you are using xTool D1 Pro 20W, you can also color laser engrave on metals, and it looks mesmerizing.

You can make personalized earrings, rings, pendants, and earrings, and these are ideal for gifting during holidays. With proper marketing channels, you can boost your sales.

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4. Laser Cut Wood Journals for Students

laser cutting journal

image credit: hereafter.la

This holiday gift idea will make students wow. They use journals and notebooks, but a wood journal is a distinct idea. They would love to have it because it is not only unique but also attractive.

Making such a journal is pretty simple. There are pre-made journals available on the market. You only need to remove their existing covers. Plus, you can also get loose journal sheets from the market.

After that, engrave and cut a wood piece using a laser cutter to make the cover. Make it personalized by engraving the name, tagline, pattern, object, celebrity, character, or anything else.

Finally, you need to attach the wooden cover to the page, but for this, you need a book spiral machine. If you are making it for your loved ones only, you can insert the spiral with your hands as well. But for business, the machine is necessary.

Example Project File:


5. Personalized Laser Engraved Family Glassware

laser engraved glassware

Personalized glassware can be used for drinking as well as a decor item. It is an excellent gift idea for the Holiday season, and people prefer drinking in personalized glasses rather than the common glassware during their holidays. 

Companies can also gift personalized glassware to their employees and customers and engrave their logos and company names on them. It not only makes the receiver but also serves as an excellent strategy for brand awareness.

Glassware can easily be engraved using a diode laser machine. You need a marking spray for this purpose. Apply a marking spray and let it try, and then start engraving. You can engrave a picture, name, quote, logo, or anything you want and create a vast collection for your customers.

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6. Personalized Laser Cutting Wooden Lightbox for Women

laser cutting wooden lightbox

A wooden lightbox is a very attractive and appealing gift item, and it looks stunning in the dark. People would love to buy it after getting a glance at the product. It is a decor item, but it can also be used as a night lamp in a bedroom.

You can make a lightbox by engraving and cutting the sides of a cube. All you need is six equal pieces of plywood. Then engrave and cut five pieces in the desired pattern or design. The remaining piece will be at the bottom of the cube, and you can cut a circle on it to insert the LED light and wire.

Once the pieces are ready, you can join them to make a box/cube. Finally, insert an LED light. When you turn on the light of the box in the dark, it will cast a shadow of the cutting on the walls, and the outcome looks fascinating and phenomenal.

Example Project File:


7. Personalized Laser Cutting Board

personalized cutting board

A cutting board is not only a kitchen item but is also used as a gift and decor piece. People like to have engraved and personalized cutting boards with an attractive message. Moreover, for chefs, a personalized cutting board would be the best gift.

For laser engravers, this is one of the simplest gift ideas that they can sell on the market. Cutting boards are available everywhere, and you can easily buy them. Once you have the cutting board, you can engrave whatever you like or your customer likes. It could be a note, recipe, or saying.

While buying the board, make sure to check the type of wood. You need to select such wood that can offer better contrast on engraving.

Example Project File:


8. Custom Laser Engraved Christmas Tree Baubles

laser engraved christmas tree baubles

For the Christmas holidays, tree baubles would be a great idea. People buy baubles for themselves and friends and family and decorate their houses with them. Personalized baubles look adorable, and gifting someone baubles of his/her name would look more appealing.

You can make baubles using plywood as well as acrylic; both look great. The engraving and cutting on both can be done using a diode laser cutter. If you want to make the baubles more attractive, you can paint the wooden ones afterward.

Example Project File:


9. Laser Cut Wood for Father/Mother

laser cutting wooen bear bottle stand

For Father’s and Mother’s Day, there are many gift ideas. You can make tons of things, such as a custom goggles stand, beer bottle stand, engraved hammer, personalized coaster, wooden sign, and nameplate.

Most of the items, coasters, and hammers, are available on the market, so you just need to buy them and engrave them to make them personalized. However, some gifts, such as the goggles stand, can be made from scratch. You need to cut the plywood using any suitable project file and then assemble the parts.

These gift ideas are hot-selling products, so you can upgrade your inventory when these special days are near.

Example Project Files:


10. Laser Cut Pet Ornaments for Pet Lovers

laser engraved pet name tag

Pet lovers like everything related to their pets. They buy ornaments and tags for their pets, and with that being said, people can give them such items as a gift.

Pet ornaments can be made from laser machines. These are simple yet appealing, and you will find dozens of design ideas for the ornaments.

You can cut pet ornaments from plywood or acrylic. You can cut the shape of the pet as well as the name.

Another gifting idea for pet lovers is a metal tag. These tags are available on the market, so you only need to engrave them.

11. Personalized Laser Engraved Wallet for Him

laser engraving leather wallet

For dads, boyfriends, brothers, and loved ones, a personalized wallet is excellent. People keep wallets in their pockets. Therefore, it is a very useful item for them.

You can buy leather wallets from the market and then use a CO2 laser machine to engrave them. You can engrave the name of the receiver or a tagline.

The best part is that making these wallets is pretty simple because you only need to engrave them, and it won’t take much time. You can easily make tons of them and earn an excellent profit margin.

12. Customized Laser Engraved Tumblers

laser engraved tumbler

Customized tumblers are quite trending, and people love to carry them while going to the office, gym, college, travel, etc. These are one of the quickly sold items, and if you have not tried them yet, you should start engraving tumblers as soon as possible.

The best thing about tumblers is that they can be given as a gift in every season, occasion, or event. Companies, businesses, and event organizers also get custom tumblers for visitors, customers, and employees.

Engraving a tumbler requires a little bit of laser engraving experience. You need to learn how to do it with perfection on coated and non-coated stainless steel. For non-coated stainless steel, you also need a laser marking spray. Secondly, you also need a rotary attachment to rotate the tumbler for engraving on its curved surface.

13. Laser Cutting Organizer for Hanging Jewelry

laser cutting jewelry organizer

For girls and ladies, this gift idea will be more useful. They can easily hang many pieces of jewelry on the organizer and keep them organized without any hassle.

A hanging organizer is very simple. It is like a tree and has a few holes in it. The holes are for earrings, and the branches of the tree are used for rings and necklaces. This organizer keeps the jewelry organized, and its design also looks like a décor item.

You need plywood to make the tree. Cut the tree with a few branches and leaves. Make holes using the laser cutter. At last, attach a heavy piece of wood at the bottom to make the whole structure stable.

Example Project Files:


14. Personalized Laser Engraved Cutlery with Name

laser engraved name on cutlery

Personalized cutlery is an attractive decor piece for homes and living rooms. Usually, people give it as a gift to couples to make their special day more special. Some people also keep it in their rooms as a souvenir. It is an amazing gift idea, and the receiver will never forget it. You can engrave any design or personalize it according to the requirements of the buyer.

15. Laser Engraved Skateboard

laser engraved skateboard

A customized laser engraved skateboard is the dream of every skateboarder. These sportsmen love to have personalized and customized skateboards, and it is one of the most profitable products on the market. For holidays, this gift idea is perfect for kids as well as adults.

You can buy any suitable wooden skateboard from the market and then engrave it using your laser machine. For this, you need risers to increase the height of the xTool D1 Pro, and you also need the extension kit if you want to engrave the whole skateboard in one go.

16. Customized Wooden Pins

laser engraved wooden pin

image credit: JuniperandLilies - Etsy

Customized wooden pins are made for special purposes and occasions, such as Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, and Independence Day. Moreover, schools, offices, businesses, and companies, also like to order such pins for their employees, visitors, events, and customers.

There are tons of ideas. You only need to cut plywood in the desired shape and engrave it. Finally, you need to attach the pin to the back of the engraved piece using super glue or anything appropriate. 

17. DIY Phone Case

DIY phone case

A phone case is a fast-selling gift idea. Almost everyone has a phone, so it can be given to anyone.

Phone cases are available in different materials, but it is better to have an acrylic or leather phone case because these materials can easily be engraved using a laser engraving machine. You can also pick any other material, but make sure it is compatible with your laser machine.

Laser business owners can make a good profit from this idea. But due to different phone models, they need a lot of different phone cases. However, they can focus on iPhone models so that they can easily buy the common iPhone cases and then engrave them.

18. Custom Laser Engraved Coasters

laser engraved coaster

A customized coaster is another unique gifting idea. These coasters can be made for special events and occasions, such as St Patrick’s Day, Christmas, and Halloween. Therefore, people frequently buy it to serve drinks as well as for other décor purposes.

Wooden coasters are available on the market, so you only need to engrave them. If you have wood cutting skills and the required machines, you cut coasters from solid wood and then engrave them. These are commonly sold items on Etsy, Amazon, and many other platforms.


We have shared some amazing holiday gift ideas that you can implement this season. All these ideas are great for adding to your inventory. You don’t need to implement all of them; just pick one or two that you can easily implement and sell on the market. Then, master those products, make a few trail pieces, and bring something exceptional, unique, and attractive to your customers.

Good Luck!

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