The 12 Unique Wedding Table Numbers of 2023

by Shopify API Posted in May 24, 2023

Wedding table numbers are not just functional items, they are also decorative elements that can add style and personality to your wedding reception. If you have a laser engraver, you can create stunning wedding table numbers with different materials, designs, and colors. You can also sell them online and earn some extra income from your hobby. 

In this blog post, we will show you fifteen amazing wedding table number ideas for 2023 that will wow your guests and customers. Whether you prefer acrylic, wood, or cardstock, we have something to fit weddings of any theme. We will also share a brief on how you can make them easily with your laser machine. Ready to get inspired? Let’s take a look at these ideas and see how you can make them yourself.

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Wooden Wedding Table Number Ideas

Wooden table numbers can add a rustic, organic charm to your wedding reception. There are a variety of woods and plywood to choose from, such as birch, oak, maple, and cherry. Each type of wood has its unique grain and color, which can lend a distinct character to your wedding table numbers. With a wood laser cutter, one idea is to engrave the number along with the couple's initials or wedding date for a personalized touch. Additionally, you can laser cut wooden numbers in various styles and shapes to match your wedding theme. For instance, you might opt for a free-standing design, numbers attached to a wooden block, or even numbers suspended from a miniature wooden tree. You could also incorporate elements of nature like leaves or flowers into the design.

Vintage Wedding Numbers with Jute Twine

wooden wedding table numbers with jute twine

image creidt: by MantaMakesLtd via Etsy

These wooden table numbers are the perfect addition for your rustic wedding. They are laser cut from 4mm plywood and are engraved numbers and wreaths on one side. They come with jute twine for a rustic feel. You can add a personalised touch by engraving your names and wedding date.

Beach Wedding Table Numbers

wooden beach-themed wedding table numbers

image credit: by ZCreativeGiftsStudio via Etsy

If you are looking for a nautical-inspired table number for your beach wedding. you would love these beach-themed wedding table numbers. The table numbers feature laser cut design like seashells,anchors, or other nautical motifs to evoke a beach or seaside atmosphere. They can be customized according to your preferences.

Wooland Wedding Table Numbers

woodland-themed wedding table numbers

image credit: by SruchkoHandmade via Etsy

These natural rustic woodland wedding table numbers are perfect for a forest-themed celebration. They are made of plywood with beautiful and delicate rose pattern and number that are both laser cut. They are not only praticle but also well match with your flower decorations.  

Polygonal Wooden Wedding Table Numbers

Polygonal wooden wedding table numbers

These wedding table numbers are also a great choice for a rustic wedding decor. They are made of natural wood and have a dark walnut finish. They are laser cut with elegant fonts and designs, with the number wrapped by a polygon. They come with a base that can be easily attached or detached. 

Portuguese Azulejo Wedding Table Numbers

Portuguese Azulejo Wedding Table Numbers

image credit: by ChestnutInThePocket via Etsy

These table numbers are inspired by the Portuguese Azulejos, the traditional ceramic tiles that decorate many buildings and monuments in Portugal. They are made of square tiles that have a blue and white floral pattern. They are attached to wooden numbers that have a natural wood finish. They can lean on a vase, a bottle, or any other decoration on the table, or stand on a wooden easel. The table numbers are unique, as they combine the charm of the Azulejos with the warmth of the wood.

Acrylic Wedding Table Number Ideas

For a modern, sleek look, consider acrylic wedding table numbers. The beauty of acrylic is its versatility. It can be as transparent as glass, opaque, or tinted in various colors, making it a perfect materials for wedding table numbers. Whether your wedding theme is minimalist or glamorous, acrylic wedding table numbers can be designed to fit perfectly. Clear acrylic wedding table numbers can be laser-cut in elegant script or bold block letters, giving a floating effect that is both chic and captivating. For a more dramatic look, consider mirrored or glitter acrylic, which can add a unique visual interest to your table setting. To elevate your acrylic table numbers, consider incorporating LED lights. When engraved, acrylic can beautifully catch and diffuse light, creating an eye-catching glow. 

Clear Acrylic Wedding Table Numbers

clear acrylic wedding table numbers

image creidt: by WeddingLuxShop via Etsy

If you want minimalist table numbers for your wedding, consider these laser engraved clear acrylic table numbers. The table numbers are circular in shape and the designs are laser engraved from the back of the acrylic, creating a transparent engraving that is permanent, weatherproof, and resistant to scratching and fading.  

Frosted Acrylic Wedding Table Numbers

frosted acrylic wedding table numbers

image credit: by SweetConfettiCo via Etsy

These table numbers are made of laser-cut, frosted acrylic with an engraved design, giving the illusion of glass. They are sleek and modern and can be customized with various designs to fit your wedding theme.

Minimalist Acrylic Wedding Table Numbers

acrylic wedding table numbers

image credit: by brushedblush via Etsy

These minimalist table numbers effortlessly blend into any wedding theme or decor. Whether you're planning a chic city affair, a beachside celebration, or a rustic outdoor wedding, these acrylic table numbers won't distract from your carefully curated centerpieces and overall aesthetic. Instead, they serve as a subtle yet impactful detail that helps guide your guests to their designated tables.

Silver Mirrored Acrylic Wedding Table Numbers

silver mirror acrylic wedding table numbers

image credit: by FranJohnsonHouse via Etsy

If you're looking to create an unforgettable ambiance that exudes luxury and sophistication, consider incorporating these laser cut silver mirror acrylic table numbers into your wedding reception. These table numbers not only serve as functional guides for your guests, but they also double as dazzling decor elements. They can effortlessly complement floral arrangements, table linens, and other decor elements, impressing your guests and enhancing the overall visual appeal of your special day.

Arch-shaped Acrylic Wedding Table Numbers

arch-shaped acrylic wedding table numbers

image credit: by ChestnutInThePocket via Etsy

If you're seeking table number ideas that go beyond the ordinary, consider incorporating these laser cut arch-shaped acrylic table numbers into your wedding decor. The curve of the arch adds a touch of artistry to your table settings, instantly elevating the overall aesthetic of your wedding decor. The arch-shaped design also brings a sense of cohesion to your overall wedding theme. It complements and harmonizes with various elements such as archways, floral arrangements, and other curved design elements, creating a visually pleasing and cohesive look.

Paper Wedding Table Number Ideas

Paper might seem a surprising choice for wedding table numbers, but with laser cutting technology, ordinary paper can be transformed into extraordinary art. Laser-cut paper table numbers can offer an intricate, delicate, and cost-effective option for your wedding. You can choose to use a thick cardstock or artisan paper and cut out the numbers in a variety of fonts and sizes. You can also play around with the shape of your table numbers. Perhaps a traditional rectangle, a circle, or a unique shape like a heart or a star. To add more depth, consider layering different colored papers or adding embellishments like ribbons.

Papel Picado Wedding Table Numbers

Papel Picado Wedding Table Numbers

image creidt: by LunaLuneraStudio via Etsy

If you're looking for wedding table numbers that embrace cultural diversity, consider incorporating these laser-cut table numbers inspired by papel picado. The intricate patterns created by the laser cutting technique bring a sense of artistry to your table settings. When placed on the tables, these table numbers cast beautiful and intricate shadows, adding an enchanting touch to the overall ambiance of your reception.

Luminary Cardstock Wedding Table Numbers

luminary cardstock wedding table numbers

image credit: by jennycrafters via Etsy

For a truly unforgettable wedding celebration, consider incorporating these laser-cut luminary cardstock table numbers. These luminaries serve a dual purpose, functioning as both table numbers and beautiful decor pieces. The numbers are cut out to allow tea lights shine through, casting captivating shadows on the surrounding surfaces. These table number luminaries can be customized in various designs to match your wedding theme. They create a focal point that draws attention and enhances the overall atmosphere of your reception.

DIY Wedding Table Numbers

Laser machines are ideal for making wedding table numbers because you will get clean and perfect results. Laser machines utilize a high power laser beam to cut and engrave a wide range of materials, allow you to make wedding table numbers of any design using different materials, including wood, acrylic, and cardstock. Most importantly, due to the incredible speed of the machines, the numbers are made in no time. Moreover, you are not limited to making table numbers only; you can make home décor items, personalized items, gifts, and tons of other things.

Shop Laser Machines

Here is a step-by-step guide on making your one-of-kind wedding table numbers using a laser engraver.

Step 1: Gather all the materials required for making the table numbers, including wood, acrylic, cardstock, glue, etc. All laser machines have a limited working area, so the materials should fit in that. If the material is large, you can cut it into multiple pieces.

Step 2: Turn on the laser engraver and launch the laser engraver software. You can get laser-cut designs from Etsy and other websites. If you know designing, you can design unique table numbers for your inventory. Upload the design into the software.

Step 3: Place the material in the working area and adjust the focus. Start processing the laser file. The machine will do everything on its own; you just have to wait. Once it is done, take out the material.

Step 4: Remove the excess material and apply paint if required. Your table numbers are ready.

Can You Make Money Selling Wedding Table Numbers and Other Wedding Supplies?

Yes, you can make money by selling wedding table numbers and other wedding supplies. There is a huge demand for these personalized and custom products, and people love to buy them to make their big day more special.

The profit margin on these products is great because people want the best for their weddings. So, they pay for quality products that look appealing and eye-catching. For weddings, you can make a wide range of items. For instance, table numbers, favor boxes, wedding invitations (of acrylic, wood, and cardstock), cake toppers, photo albums, ring boxes, welcome signs, envelope boxes, personalized glasses, personalized cutlery, banners, and dozens of other things.

You can sell these items on Etsy and other online marketplaces. If you have a local store nearby that keeps these items, you can also collaborate with them. Try to tie up with other businesses to grow your sales. 

You can start a laser engraving and cutting business as a side hustle from home and then convert it into a full-time business. You only need these compact machines that are perfect for homes and small shops. There is no expertise or experience required to operate these machines, and you can master everything in a few days or weeks.

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